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Tax Provisioning: Year End, New Beginning

Tax Provisioning: Year End, New Beginning
Wednesday 25 September, 12.00 BST/13.00 CEST
Host: Stephanie Hurst
Presenters: Kip Linton, Marine Gadonneix

As year end approaches for many organisations; it’s a great time to think about the new beginnings that can or have to be implemented for this reporting process. Tax and finance professionals responsible for these processes are increasingly embracing technological innovations and challenging existing methodologies to improve how they get things done. Navigating the many process improvement options whilst keeping up with changes in tax law and accounting standards continues to be the juggling act for most. What should your organisation do to keep things moving and improving? We’ll discuss:

  • Insights on the latest tools and methodologies
  • The practical steps needed when implementing standards such as IFRS 16 and IFRIC 23
  • Tax Accounting updates including news from the regulators and new tax law considerations

Understand how you can improve your business’ tax provisioning process.


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