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G20/OECD ‘Programme of Work’ On The Digitalised Economy And Beyond

G20/OECD ‘Programme of Work’ On The Digitalised Economy And Beyond
Thursday 20 June, 13.00 BST, 14.00 CEST
Host: Alison Lobb
Presenters: Bob Stack, Ignacio Box

The G20/OECD Inclusive Framework on BEPS has released a new ‘Programme of Work’ to develop technical aspects of proposals on:

  • Allocation of taxing rights between countries, looking at both nexus and profit allocation rules and, in particular, reward for market/user countries.
  • A global anti-base erosion proposal to strengthen countries’ ability to tax profits where income is locally subject to low effective tax rates.

The fundamental nature of the proposed reforms will, if agreed, have a broad and significant impact. Countries are working towards reaching a consensus-based solution by 2020. All businesses, not just those that are highly digitalised, will need to understand how the proposals could affect them. What might this mean for your organisation?

Join us to learn more about the latest international tax developments.


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